Bread and Circuses

I got published. Well, at least I am now part of the Intervox Composers pool…
or lets say… Inner Circle of Chosen Ones. Sounds way better.

In reality it is probably not a big deal, but for me its nice to have my first officially published library-music on CD.
And it has a nice cover.
It is not the kind of CD you can buy in a store (yeah, very exclusive), but if you want, you can check my tracks here (Track 14 & 32).

There is already more in the making (or even further), so hopefully I will build up a nice cataloque there.

Music you can’t buy (yet) either, is going to play at the GenCon 2012, where it accompanies a Teaser for the upcoming cross-plattform game Shadowrun Online by Cliffhanger Productions.
These People are very determined to produce a game they  can stand a 100% behind,  so if you want to support their effords and independent game development in general, find them at


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