Menschenskinder - Short Movie

It’s clickable and it leads to… the movie!

It’s been a while since the last news on this place, mostly because my work in the last year took me to places which are either too commercially/legally restricting or simply too boring to be featured among these pages.



But a couple of month ago, I participated in the making of a very charming short movie called “Menschenskinder” by Katrin Hemmerling! As you’d have guessed, my appearance is of the musical nature… mostly…

Watch it in my video section or on youtube or here. You can also marvel at some photographs from the totally exclusive premiere-party  at the Kulturfabrik Moabit if you wish to do so.

To come back to my first paragraph: For some contractual reasons I had to move my “commercial” showreel to a deep and hidden place in the lower sub-levels of the internet. If you or someone you know wants to get a taste of it, please let me know and i shall provide you with a link. Until then, stay tuned. This time, there is actually more to come in the next few weeks!


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