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Startup Grind Berlin

For all you going-to-be founders andStartup Grind Berlin entrepreneurs out there:
I would like to point you to a video which contains the a full lenght interview with e-commerce entrepreneur Stefan Schambach at the first Startup Grind Berlin in december 2013.
As the lot of you knows, I am always a sucker for new and great ideas, so I am now a part of the team which organizes this event on a monthly /dual monthly and the first time went really great. Due to some good sponsoring and a great location, it was a nice cozy atmophere, where every could have food, a drink and a nice conversation after the interview. If you’re interested, check out:

And don’t forget to watch the video below (sorry, only in german):

Startup Grind Berlin 10.12.2013 – Interview mit Stephan Schambach (Founder Intershop / Demandware) – Sein Weg als Unternehmer from Startup Grind Berlin on Vimeo.


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