Startup Grind Berlin

For all you going-to-be founders andStartup Grind Berlin entrepreneurs out there:
I would like to point you to a video which contains the a full lenght interview with e-commerce entrepreneur Stefan Schambach at the first Startup Grind Berlin in december 2013.
As the lot of you knows, I am always a sucker for new and great ideas, so I am now a part of the team which organizes this event on a monthly /dual monthly and the first time went really great. Due to some good sponsoring and a great location, it was a nice cozy atmophere, where every could have food, a drink and a nice conversation after the interview. If you’re interested, check out:

And don’t forget to watch the video below (sorry, only in german):

Startup Grind Berlin 10.12.2013 – Interview mit Stephan Schambach (Founder Intershop / Demandware) – Sein Weg als Unternehmer from Startup Grind Berlin on Vimeo.



Menschenskinder - Short Movie

It’s clickable and it leads to… the movie!

It’s been a while since the last news on this place, mostly because my work in the last year took me to places which are either too commercially/legally restricting or simply too boring to be featured among these pages.



But a couple of month ago, I participated in the making of a very charming short movie called “Menschenskinder” by Katrin Hemmerling! As you’d have guessed, my appearance is of the musical nature… mostly…

Watch it in my video section or on youtube or here. You can also marvel at some photographs from the totally exclusive premiere-party  at the Kulturfabrik Moabit if you wish to do so.

To come back to my first paragraph: For some contractual reasons I had to move my “commercial” showreel to a deep and hidden place in the lower sub-levels of the internet. If you or someone you know wants to get a taste of it, please let me know and i shall provide you with a link. Until then, stay tuned. This time, there is actually more to come in the next few weeks!

Bread and Circuses

I got published. Well, at least I am now part of the Intervox Composers pool…
or lets say… Inner Circle of Chosen Ones. Sounds way better.

In reality it is probably not a big deal, but for me its nice to have my first officially published library-music on CD.
And it has a nice cover.
It is not the kind of CD you can buy in a store (yeah, very exclusive), but if you want, you can check my tracks here (Track 14 & 32).

There is already more in the making (or even further), so hopefully I will build up a nice cataloque there.

Music you can’t buy (yet) either, is going to play at the GenCon 2012, where it accompanies a Teaser for the upcoming cross-plattform game Shadowrun Online by Cliffhanger Productions.
These People are very determined to produce a game they  can stand a 100% behind,  so if you want to support their effords and independent game development in general, find them at

The Dean Rodney Singers Project

That's Dean

Yes, that’s Dean

From the next week on, I will be taking part in the “Dean Rodney Singers” project.
These guys (lead, of course, by Dean Rodney) are putting together an audio and visual installation for the Cultural Olympiad 2012 in London, which seems to be the a cultural festival along THE Olympiad.

I will be part of a team of musicians and dancers working on ideas and inspirations by Dean Rodney and so far it looks pretty… crazy (in a positive way!).  Oh, and the twist is, we are getting iPads we’ll be working with. And we can keep ’em 🙂

If you’re interested in the project, stay on top of it at

I haz a Bachelor!

After a great evening in the Oosterport, a little drink afterwards and 1,5 days of sleep, I’ am now back to reality.

Thanks to everyone who came to check out our projects and even more thanks to all the great musicians who participated!

Everyone who enjoyed the visuals on my concert on tuesday, should know that I couldn’t have done them without Mirco Streicher.

Of most importance to me was my girlfriend, who reminded in the last two weeks that even I have to eat from time to time to function proper amongst other stuff.

The Heist Cover

But now on to the new stuff! You can listen download The Heist Concept Album now on bandcamp. It asks you to pay an amount of your choosing  if  you want to download it in high quality, but you don’t have to pay anything, altough I wouldn’t mind a litte appreciation in form of ka-ching…

So enjoy the music, I will enjoy this period of free time and cheers!

Final Exam Concert / Presentation / Partey

So this is where it ends (not really!).

I’ll just qoute myself from the official invitation-facebook-thing:

The Blonde, The Fox & The German“

…who are Chiel Busscher, Ingmar de Vos & Alexander Guski, the departing „Grandmasters“ of Composition, Music- & Studioproduction at the Prins Claus Conservatory.

A final exam – with live music from Foenkk and the Breakdown Syndicate,
CD releases of Sounds of The Outland and The Heist, Music for film and games and fireworks!
Well, no fireworks, bust still a pretty packed night at the Ooosterpoort.

So get down there at the 7th of June and bid us farewell because it’s our

Last Night In Town“!

… it’s for free!

(all details on flyer and posters and at

Le Grand Opening!


After endless inquiries by people who wanted to know what I do with my life and to satisfy my own urge to appear mature and professional by directing them to a website which carries my name, I finally sat down to put this together.

I invite everyone to browse this pages and to keep checking back for I will constantly be updating my portfolio with my newest antics and emissions of the brain.

To make this post more than a badly drawn picture and this semi-introduction, I present my first recently finished orchestral score. There are four pieces embedded in this work, the main theme I give you here, the others you can find in the film music section.

Who as a “non-professional” can tell which instruments are real, gets cake.


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